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Meet Some of the Cosmics





Dave, Lisa, Ayla and Merlin take care of and have fun with approximately 57 dogs. The dogs have 6 pens, including 2.5 acres for romping and chasing, a discreet breeding area, family pens, alone time pens, etc. The dogs are rotated hourly, allowing for freedom to run on a 260 acre mountainous ranch. Each dog also has their own house with a chain.

The old dogs ( ages ranging from 12 - 17) live out their retirement enjoying swimming in the pond, lying in the sun, taking hikes with Lisa and the kids, and sleeping, lots and lots of sleeping - in the house on beds, chairs, rugs, ...clothes! Some dogs enjoy summer and fall horse pack trips with Quaking Aspen Outfitters. The youngsters and team dogs enjoy days of work and play with varied routines and lots of wrestling and running. Our philosophy is happy dogs = happy humans and fun mushing. Dogs are our life and livelihood - it's a partnership of respect, love, amazement and pure joy. Each animal is an individual with wants, needs and uniqueness to be honored.


Tippy (in disguise)



Stryder & Daredevil

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